Q: Where are you based out of?

A: We’re based out of Troy, NY. We love it here!

Q: How do you handle coverage on wedding days?

A: Great question. Each of our packages includes two photographers - you get both of us! Joe usually grabs detail shots, then grabs photos of the guys while they get ready. Kiara usually spends her time capturing hair and makeup, then captures photos of the bride/bridesmaids while they get ready.

Q: Are you willing to travel to shoot weddings, engagements, etc.?

A: Yes! Any travel less than 50 miles is free of charge! Anything beyond 50 miles is $.60/mile.

Q: Where can I find your pricing?

A: We do not host our pricing sheet on our site. This being said, shoot us a message via our contact form and we’d be more than happy to send it to you ASAP!

Q: How many photos do you typically deliver for an engagement shoot? How about a wedding?

A: That’s another great question! For engagement shoots, we typically deliver 50-90ish edited photos.
For weddings, it depends on the package that you select! We start at 500 edited photos, and go up to 850+ with our deluxe package.

Q: How do you typically deliver photos?

A: We deliver engagement sessions via Dropbox, and wedding photos via a flash drive that we mail.

Q: Once I’ve booked, where can I find payment information?

A: All of the payment information that you could ever desire can be found in our contract that we will send you!

Q: What happens if one of your cameras malfunctions during my wedding day?

A: Although this has never happened to us, we’re more than prepared. We bring multiple lenses, SD cards, and camera bodies with us to each wedding.

Q: Do you offer wedding videography?

A: Yes! We now offer wedding videography as a service.

Q: Do you offer custom graphic design/stationary/invites?

A: Yes, we do! Please don’t hesitate to shoot us a message. We’d love to speak with you!

Q: Do you keep your photos/videos backed up?

A: Yes, we take this very seriously. We have at least 3 copies of each image/video that we capture backed up across three separate drives.

Q: Which venues have you shot in?

A: We've shot at many venues! A few weddings at the Otesaga, MKJ Farm, SKY Armory, the Takk House, 171 Genesee in Utica, lakeside cabins, many local churches, backyards, etc. We love all venues!